Alex Hua Tian

Alex Hua Tian

One in a Billion

First rider to represent China at an Olympic Games and the youngest ever equestrian Olympian. He has a real understanding of the tidal swell of support and following that equestrianism is gaining in his home country and is doing all he can to help that.

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Personal Info

  • Birth Date: 25/10/1989
  • Born: China
  • Trains: Knutsford, UK

Quick Facts

  • Won a Silver Medal for China at the 2014 Asian Games
  • Youngest eventer ever to compete at an Olympics
  • China’s first equestrian Olympian in history.
  • In 2014, he qualified for three major championships:
  • Only Asian event rider at the World Championships (World Equestrian Games) in Normandy

Series Results

Event Horse Dressage Show Jumping Cross Country XS Time Total Placing ERM Points
Chatsworth House Don Geniro 41.4 24 0 26.8 92.2 30
Bramham Park Don Geniro 40.1 0 0 0 40.1 1 30
Barbury Castle Don Geniro 41.5 - - - WD (31) 0.2