Sir Mark Todd

Mark Todd

The sport's greatest legend

An out and out hero who spans the generations. Double Olympic Gold medalist, FEI Equestrian of the 21st century. He has won Badminton 4 times and Burghley 5 times and remains at the top of his game.

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Mark also represented New Zealand in pure show jumping at the Seoul and Barcelona Olympic Games. He completed Badminton on Bertie Blunt in 1995 with just one stirrup. In 1994 he won Badminton on Horton Point, a horse he had only sat on for a total of two hours prior to the start of the event.

Mark once drove five miles with the ramp fully down on his enormous lorry - with the horses on board! He once fell asleep before the start of Badminton cross country and nearly missed his time.

He still can't resist a disco!!

FEI Career Record

Personal Info

  • Birth Date: 01/03/1956
  • Born: New Zealand
  • Trains: Marlborough, UK

Quick Facts

  • 1980 won Badminton on Southern Comfort
  • 1984 Olympic Gold on Charisma
  • 1985 awarded OBE
  • 1987 won Burghley on Wilton Fair
  • 1988 Olympic Gold and Olympic team bronze on Charisma
  • 1990 WEG team gold on Balua
  • 1990 won Burghley on Face The Music
  • 1992 Olympic team silver on Welton Greylag
  • 1994 won Badminton on Horton Point
  • 1995 awarded CBE
  • 1996 won Badminton on Bertie Blunt
  • 1997 won Burghley on Broadcast News
  • 1998 WEG team Gold and individual silver on Broadcast News
  • 1988 New Zealand Sports Personality of the Year
  • 1999 won Burghley on Diamond Hall Red
  • 2000 named FEI Equestrian on the 20th century
  • 2010 WEG team bronze on Grass Valley
  • 2011 won Badminton on NZB Land Vision
  • 2012 Olympic team bronze on Campino
  • 2014 Knighted and becam Sir Mark Todd

Series Results

Event Horse Dressage Show Jumping Cross Country XS Time Total Placing ERM Points
Bramham Park NZB Campino 42.2 8 - - R (22)
Barbury Castle Leonidas II 40.1 67 27.6 20 154.7 26
Blenheim Palace Leonidas II 46.7 5 - - E (20)
Chatsworth House Kiltubrid Rhapsody 42.1 9 39.2 19.2 90.3 25