7 things you didn't know about... Alex Bragg

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From a surprising penchant for Russian dancing to super-power inducing sweet treats, here are seven things you might not have known about ERM 2018 Leg 5 winner, Alex Bragg.

1 - Alex loves red wine - good to celebrate or commiserate...

2 - Jelly babies are a must-have at every event for Team Bragg. They give you special powers don't you know!

3 - Alex refuses to get a horse up that’s lying down to be ridden - he always lets them snooze!

4 - Alex shoes his own horses, he used to be a full-time farrier with a few event horses on the side - how times have changed!

5 - Mr Bragg can Cossack dance - can you imagine?!

6 - As a young boy, Alex went to HOYS as part of his local pony club Prince Phillip Mounted Games team - he's always been an adrenaline junkie. 

7 - You will normally find Alex with his wife and children at events, otherwise he suffers terribly with home sickness!