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Irish equestrian data science company EquiRatings has joined forces with our technology partners SAP on a range of developments to support the equestrian data space. Since 2012, SAP has been creating innovative technologies in equestrian fan engagement, from spectator judging applications to live event cross country tracking tools. A co-innovation partnership with EquiRatings will support a number of mutual clients for both parties, with EquiRatings data analysis now being added to the technology provided by SAP.

SAP is the Official Technology Sponsor of the Event Rider Masters Series and with EquiRatings also heavily involved in the media and commentary on the series, both parties are targeting the remaining legs of the 2018 series to test a number of concepts, from a fan engagement prediction app to improved analysis of data from cross country sensors.

Speaking on the Co-Innovation Partnership, EquiRatings’ Managing Director Diarmuid Byrne commented, “We have a number of complementary skills and it is an exciting step for the equestrian world to be joining our analysis with the innovative technologies SAP have been producing. The first steps of our joint innovation journey have already proven to be very successful and inspiring, providing exciting synergies for the equestrian world.”

“EquiRatings is the ideal partner to leverage our analytical capabilities for the Equestrian fans”, said Hans-Joerg Czernotzky, Head of Sponsorship Innovations, SAP. “These forward-thinking tech entrepreneurs have already proven to provide game changing tools and significant new insights into the sports, based on their deep domain knowledge and innovative analyses. We are excited having them in our Equestrian partner network and look forward to jointly creating value for the sport.”