Lignieres en Berry is ready for ERM

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Final preparations for the ERM series finale at Lignieres en Berry continue apace at Le Pole de l’Ane at du Cheval in Lignieres en Berry.

Emmanuel Lagarde of ACEVA, the organisers of the Concours Complet de Lignieres en Berry says his team are ready for their first ever ERM leg #:

“The buildup has been consistent over the last six months with the preparation of the Cross-Country course in collaboration with ERM and under the direction of renowned designer Pierre Le Goupil.
Our venue is ready, and our team are prepared and very excited to welcome the very best event riders to our ERM debut event.

The arrival of the ERM equipment and branding materials make the whole thing real and the countdown is on.
We have worked hard with the Province de Berry and the Department du Cher to promote the evt and look forward to showcasing a beautiful region of France that many visitors will not have seen before."


Fans who have yet to finalise their travel plans can check out accommodation etc. at