SAP announced as Technology Sponsor of Event Rider Masters Series

Image for SAP announced as Technology Sponsor of Event Rider Masters Series

“This is a great partnership for us. The Event Rider Masters series is an ideal co-innovation partner for SAP to demonstrate the concept of Live Business in sports,” said Mike Ettling, president, SAP SuccessFactors. “Eventing is a unique and exciting sport that hasn’t found a wide audience only because its format isn’t conducive to television or Internet coverage. Until today, the technology hasn’t been present to make this incredible sport accessible and engaging. We’re changing that.”

SAP and ERM will work together using existing technology and creating new solutions to make the sport of eventing more engaging and exciting. This will include the on-site as well as the on-screen experience, with a focus on television. SAP will take experience from its existing equestrian partnerships with CHIO Aachen and Olympic champion Ingrid Klimke to improve the ERM fan experience and provide content that is more tangible for commentators and media.

This includes:

    •     SAP Equestrian Analytics software: A a prototype that brings the Internet of Things (a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data) to equestrian sports with sensors on the riders to track and visualise data from the cross-country phase

    •      “Audience Judging”: A fan application that allows spectators and viewers to take the judge’s seat and score each dressage test in real time, generating audience scores and rankings. This application was available for the first time at the final leg of ERM for visitors to the Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials on September 10 and was very well received by those who engaged with it.

SAP will support ERM with its data analysis by employing sports media technology and will support the ERM’s operations with the SAP Business One application.

“Eventing requires talent, bravery, stamina and unparalleled teamwork with your horse. A partnership of trust is indispensable for success, especially on the demanding cross-country courses,” said ERM Director Christopher Stone. “Co-innovating with SAP, we will continue to work towards bringing this magnificent sport much closer to our fans on-site and around the world. We will achieve this by providing informed data and analysis, innovative camera techniques and graphics, and much more sophisticated commentary and insights.”

SAP Equestrian Ambassador Ingrid Klimke and her horse SAP Escada FRH are expected to compete in the 2017 Event Rider Masters series. The three-time Olympic team champion commented on the new ERM format: “The Event Rider Masters series is fantastic. Our sport will have a new level of quality competition, real-time fan offerings and international press attention. I can´t wait to compete and be part of it.”


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