Two Big Questions at Leg 5

Image for Two Big Questions at Leg 5

Haras de Jardy 2017 holds the record for the lowest show jumping clear rate (8%) in ERM history and it isn’t only the ERM field who have found it tough. The jumping here is always difficult with an average of only 18% of combinations jumping clear at this level CIC 3*.

With just 1 pole separating the top 11, will the second phase have as big an impact on the leader board as it did last year? 

Fascinatingly, the achievability of the Jardy CIC3* Cross Country time changes year on year. According to the stats 26% of the field make the time every second year with 0% the rest.

History says we are due a very tough time based on this but with the fastest two riders in the world, Chris Burton and Jonelle Price, in the field, can we buck this trend tomorrow?