Gain Points

Gain ERM Fan League Points by using the Spectator Judging App:

  • Judge a competitor in quick-mode: 5 Points
  • Judge a competitor in short-mode: 5 Points
  • Judge a competitor in full-mode: 23 Points
  • Be max 10% away of the final audience result: +15 Points
  • Be max 2% away of the final audience result: +15 Points (stacks with the 10% away)
  • Be max. 5 away from the final number of clear rounds (no penalties) before first the quarter finished: 50 Points
  • Select the right winner before the first quarter finished (hint EquiRatings Predictive Centre will help!): 300 Points
  • Select the most knocked obstacle before the first quarter finished: 100 Points
  • Also select the correct number of knocks at this obstacle before the first quarter finished: 300 Points
  • Judge at two ERM shows: 100 Points
  • Judge at three ERM shows: 200 Points (stacks)
  • Judge at four shows: 300 Points (stacks)
  • Judge all competitors: 200 Points
  • Try all modes: 100 Points


Gain ERM Fan League Points by using the Equiratings Stacks App:

  • Stacks: 75 Points * your Stack size after each discipline per ERM event


Gain ERM Fan League Points by supporting Hannah's Willberry Wonder Pony Charity:

  • Willberry: 1 Point per donated GBP - Within the Spectator Judging App

Gain ERM Fan League Points by appearing on the ERM Social Wall

  • Post about the ERM Fan League publicly on your Social Media account ans use #ERMFanLeague and your personal code from the ERM Apps: 100 Points 

 Special Bonus Points - There will be a number of pop-up competitions throughout the year for extra chances to boost your points - keep an eye out for these throughout the year! 


The biggest of these is the Season Finale Points Boost where participating fans can win up to 10,000 additional Fan League points towards their final total score.

Here are the rules for the Season Finale Point Boost:

  • Post on Facebook or Instagram with #ERMEventin­g, #SAP, #FanLeague why you’d like to win and include your Personal Code. You can find it in the Spectator Judging app in your profile on the top right!
  • ERM reserves the right to not include posts that are deemed to be inappropriate for any reason decided by ERM.
  • Facebook or Instagram Posts have to be published before Friday 4th October 4pm GMT in order to be counted in the Season Finale Points Boost.
  • Each fan can enter the raffle only once per platform (in total 2 times if you post on Facebook and Instagram).
  • Your Social Media account name will be put into a random draw that will be  live streamed at the end of our Leg 6 finale at Lignieres at the end of the dresage phase broadcast. The first drawn winner will recieve 10,000 points, the second drawn will recieve 7,500 points and the final third drawn person will recieve  5,000 points. Your Social Media account name will be audible and/or visible on the live stream broadcast as part of this process.
  • Points will be awarded shortly after! You can check out the final ranking on Sunday 6th of October at 8pm GMT.
  • Any recourse to any courts of law is excluded. All and any decisions made by ERM are final.
  • By participating in the ERM Fan League 2019 you accept the terms and conditions as set out on this website.